A neural network interferes with a bad singer: what can artificial intelligence achieve in the world of music?

By Dailyfinreport - September 30, 2020

Thinking about a career in music? We will have to take into account that artificial intelligence is stepping on the heels of musicians more and more persistently. So if you don’t become a worthy representative of this creative profession, you have someone to fear ... Besides human competitors.

In the near future a high-quality "machine product" will certainly become very popular and will be able to overtake the low-quality tracks of pseudo stars in popularity. Let's take a look at the latest news on the success of artificial intelligence in making music and fantasize a bit about what this could theoretically turn out to be.

Producer, find me!

Without which it is difficult to imagine a successful start? That's right, without the patronage of an experienced producer. And no doubt there will be a producer for a musical project with the participation of artificial intelligence. More precisely - already found!

This year the largest music label Warner Music signed a contract with the Endel algorithm - this application analyzes user data and creates a personalized background music. Considering the time of day, the weather and even the heart rate of a particular person, Endel can offer music to concentrate, relax and improve the quality of sleep.

Under the contract, by the end of the year, artificial intelligence is to release 20 albums, five of which have already been recorded: "Clear Night", "Rainy Night", "Cloudy Evening", "Cloudy Night" and "Misty Morning". All of them are dedicated to sleep and are consonant with the state of a falling asleep or, conversely, an awakening person.

For example, "Foggy Morning". Rumor has it that fans of the trance genre are fully imbued with the "creativity" of Endel🙂

The attention of the record company Warner Music makes you wonder how much potential artificial intelligence has in the field of music production, doesn't it?

By the way, an interesting fact: the service for generating background music Endel was founded by Russians.

The likeness of an idol: soulless, but high quality

There are a great many examples in which the neural network was introduced to the work of cult personalities and received musical results from it. And many examples are not the first freshness, because artificial intelligence wrote rap in the style of Kanye West, songs in the style of Cobain and Letov, and even created an entire album in the style of black metal a few years ago.

But technology continues to improve and the training of neural networks does not stop: not so long ago, Huawei entrusted the artificial intelligence of its flagship smartphone to finish the work of the Austrian composer Franz Schubert.

Having studied 90 works by Schubert himself and having analyzed the works of composers who influenced him, the neural network completed the missing parts of Symphony No. 8. In early February this year, it was performed by musicians at the Cadogan Hall in London.

However, before the augmented version was played by a real orchestra, the "efforts" of artificial intelligence were brought to mind by a human - the melody was processed by the composer Lucas Cantor.

Whatever one may say, the neural network cannot bring emotions into the work. Or is it just for now?

So should I give up my musical career if I am a human being?

Artificial intelligence analyzes the work of famous people, writes both music and poetry to it, can reproduce voices (unlike many modern performers - hitting notes) and change them ... A bold fantasy, more and more like reality, looks like this: just about neural networks will not only advise users on tracks based on their preferences, but will also begin to create music based on our taste and mood.

Perhaps even cleverly using words and images that are suitable for a specific situation in songs! The only thing left is to teach intelligent systems a little more.

The only thing thanks to which live musicians, even in a super-technological future, will be able to confidently stay afloat is the presence of soul and talent, without which creativity is impossible as a phenomenon.

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